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I think what Technochrist is getting at is the difference between a Christian artist and an artist that happens to be a Christian. The former would make worship music, where the second wouldn’t necessarily make worship music even though they are both saved.

There are a lot of artist in the worship scene, that their tunes are secular but are sold in “Christian” bookstores. I think what he is getting at is either make worship tunes and stand for Christ with your music, or stay out of the worship scene and do secular music.

I think I agree because there seems to be a lot of mixture in the worship area. Tracks that are obviously not geared towards Christianity or worship are put out there as being those type of tracks because of the band members being Christians or they had previously made Christian tracks. We can see this with Switchfoot. They really aren’t making worship music but they are in practically every Christian bookstore in the USA. When we try to put secular music in the category of “Christian,” I think it waters down the gospel and gives a lukewarm feeling to the music. At least for myself, I end up trying to excuse the track as being “Christian” because it uses certain words like “faith or love,” but in reality it doesn’t sound any different that the popular secular tunes.

If we are going to make Christian EDM, it needs to have scripture or the gospel in it, or something related to God/Jesus/Christ, unless it is instrumental. This way when people get our tracks, the Christian tunes are actually Christian and have some sort of spiritual weight to them.