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Good to see you running around checking out the community bro. Glad to have you here!

First of all:

I strongly agree with you! I’m not producing any music yet, so I don’t have any audio on this site myself. But when I do get around to lacing this place with phat tracks (LORD willing) I intend to have a clear indication of Christian message on almost EVERY song I do, unless it’s really called for that it be 100% instrumental (a possibility for intro tracks, outro tracks, etc.). Even on a song that is essentially fully instrumental, I intend to throw at least one sample in there that exalts Christ. You know, like those Trance songs that just have one word or phrase in them only? Something like:

*Buildup* bitta-bitta-bitta-bitta-bitta-bitta-bit-bit-bit-bit-bit-bit-beeeeeeeeeeehhh…

*Breakdown* POWWWW….. CHRIST – IS – LORRRRD.

*Back to it!* Budda-buh-budda!-budda-buh-budda!

You get my drift.

I’m in complete agreement with you- as artists, we have a responsibility to exalt Christ, preach the Gospel, and lift up his name. If we don’t do that, we are just making secular uplifting trance, EDM, etc. If we are just like the world, that is bad! We are set apart, and it should show.

However, as an important note, I *DO* feel it is completely possible to make Christ exalting instrumental music with no vocals. Think of instrumental worship music played in churches before/after the message. It is intended to be soothing/uplifting, allow you time to reflect on GOD’s glory, pray, and worship. There might not be vocals, they might not state a Christian message verbally. Another good example, there is a piano composer named David M. Combs that will take chapters or passages from the Bible, and put a fully instrumental song to it. He might have a song named “Exodus 23:10″ for example, fully instrumental, written as a moving piece of music to accompany that scripture reading, and/or fully inspired by it. It might not shout-out Christ by name, but it is definitely still Christian music IMO.

Furthermore, there are definitely artists on this site with prolific usage of Christ exalting messages in their music, so know that. Science Drop and graphite412 both come to mind, and you can check both of them out for free. If you sign up for Science Drop’s newsletter on his website you can get a couple of his free mixes, and all of graphite412′s songs are available free on his website. Both those artists have consistently Christ-exalting music from what I’ve heard. I’m not trying to exclude other GOD’sDjs artist’s when I say that, those are just the first two that came to mind that you can check out for free. When I first came to this community I was actually really worried that it was only going to be filled with so-called corporate Christian’s who didn’t really exalt Christ. Science Drop’s mix was the first thing I heard, and I was instantly comforted.

Second of all:

I appreciate and respect your decision to post this and speak boldly against a very real issue for Christian musicians. Do be careful with how you present your argument however. I suspect there will be a few people who have a problem with the “tone” of your post, and the demand-form presentation. Especially from someone brand new to the forums, you won’t garner a lot of respect by cramming your ideas down anyone’s throat. I do recognize you’re a native German (I think?) and therefore there are social and language differences to consider. Nevertheless, your post is on the aggressive side- particularly the last line may be taken as “flamebait” or looking to incite an argument. Just looking out for you, and especially because the bottom line is that I really do want your message here to be heard and taken into careful consideration by EVERYONE. Respeck.

My only actual gripe with your post is the bizarre specificity in your “list of demands,” so to speak. No one should be discounted as a Christian artist just because they don’t have a facebook or website, for example. Knowhaddimean?

Just my two cents as one of this community’s non-producers.