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Thank you for your good feedback. Yes I am native german :) I just saw that a guy called “Triple Y” said he is christian and makes christian EDM. I listened carefully to his track “color of the night” and others. I think I understand it. But this track and others have definitely NOT christian content. So I am against pushing those tracks and DJs here. Our consumers who asks for christian EDM should get a clear statement of what is going on.
I am sorry when things I mentioned were to sharp. It is a guideline, not the full wisdom. You know what I mean? I am not perfect myself. I just want to start DJs and producers think about what they do. Look. If I do secular productions and I definitely can do that and it will be played in the german clubs easily. I will never call it christian and I will use another artist name. Get me? As I use christian vocals and I really like and want to do it than people will hear it and sometimes there is discussion. But as I do a good artist job they let me play christian message music. We really need a guide what is our all aim. And guys, sorry, I totally disagree with calling instrumental music christian music. It is just instrumental. No one will know why it is christian. You can use instrumental music in your performances of course and you can worship good, like they do in our church with guitars. But music that is used for worship must not be christian music. You know, at 24/7 prayer they used firestarter to exalt god. we are firestarters, of course! I am sorry that I dont know all lyrics of all songs.

It would be good to have the following threads here in the forum:

mainthread: christian artist name
– graphite412

exapmle: jesus is lord: description and lyrics

example: i really love to worship remix and lyrics
—-statement: i am christ because..
—- description:


DJ, liveact, producer
– dj-onix-brasil
– technochrist
– others

if we do this we will have a good overview about artists, their statements and their songs.

what do you think about?