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Amen, amen, amen.

Welcome to the site bro, and thank you for adding your thoughts. As you might have read, I’m not a producer, but I intend to be. I think that this is a very important thread and I hope that everyone takes it into careful consideration. When I DO start making real music (LORD willing) I fully intend to have a clear Christian message in each track, even if it is only as short as one sample per song.

I feel that I owe that to my fellowsoldiers who just want to listen to spiritually edifying Christian music ONLY. It is too often way too hard, or takes way too long to discern if an artist really IS making Christian music or not. When the time comes, I don’t want my music to be that way.

As far as explicit usernames, I’ve been very active on the site for one month and honestly can’t think of a single one. I could be wrong though, maybe my blinders are on.

I agree that the site would be improved by putting artist guidelines in place addressing the necessity of a clear and consistent Christ-exalting message. The fact that two new-members have come in seeing the consistency of the message as lacking should make us all stop and think. As Christians, we need to be able to examine ourselves sharply, always. To the outside unbelieving world looking in on our community, we should clearly look and sound like Christian artists. To the outside believers-in-Christ looking into our community, we should look and sound like Christian artists. This is so, so important. In fact, as Christian artists, it is the most important thing for us.

Again, I hope I don’t upset anyone by giving my views, as I haven’t even contributed any music yet. But I have been practicing and working toward it (I swear!), and my friend just pushed me hard tonight to submit at least one song for Manic’s BlessFest event in October. So I do consider myself part of the artist community here in that sense.

May the LORD bless us in this important point of discussion, I am going to be putting this issue in prayer, and I hope you all do the same.

God bless.