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btw this is up my alley, cause I like martial arts as well, just haven’t been able to get back into it. Been about 12 years since I had.

Andy Hunter got some good tracks off his Life and Exodus albums:

Open My Eyes – Life
Come On – Life
To Life, To Love – Life
Go – Exodus
The Wonders Of You – Exodus
Radiate – Exodus
Sandstorm Calling – Exodus
Strange Dream – Exodus

I got one called Last Days that is pretty energetic.

Submersible (Redgun 20/20 Mix) – Sheltershed

Sheltershed has some good tracks off their Other Condition and Motor Club albums, Diagnostics, Jet Pack Stack (Stumblebum RMX), Fuzz Buster, Gunmetal and Pivot Point.

Free Like The Wind by Ultrabeat

Force of Sound by Silexz

Some non Christian stuff would be

Rocketman by Time Lock

Never Gonna Come Back Down – BT

Guardian Angel by Juno Reactor

Granite by Pendulum

Way Of The Samurai by Spor, he’s got some others as well, but this is a fav

Crossed Roots (Neonlight Remix) by Giana Brotherz

Course there is ton of other drum n bass tracks out there as well.

Course there is always the good ol tracks off the Mortal Kombat soundtracks:

Control (Juno Reactor Remix) by Traci Lords
I Won’t Lie Down by Face To Face
Techno Syndrome by The Immortals
Leave You Far Behind by Lunatic Calm
Genius by Pitchshifter
Fire by Scooter

Kinda felt nostalgic going through all these old tracks, lol. I know I’m forgetting some but hard to remember going through 15k+ tracks. Also there is some rock music too.