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Comes from the Israeli Special Forces. Life or death self defense, no rules. Works in good boxing skills, muay thai kicks, elbows, knees… but so, so much more.

Advanced students work on close ranged weapon defenses versus pistol, knife, stick, long rifle plus also sparring, multiple attackers, etc. Even basic students will learn groin kicks, eye gouges, and other “against the rules” techniques because it is only about one thing: making sure the student can go home safe if their life is in danger.

Check out the Human Weapon episode on Krav if you ever get a chance. They went to Israel and got a great show on it. Two seasoned athletes/martial artists and they almost couldn’t believe how hard Krav Maga training was. The intensity/difficulty is through the roof, as it is all aggression based training.

When our first instructors from our company went to test for their Krav instructor certification, they were in a class of 25 candidates. Every testing candidate was already a black belt from some other discipline. By the end of the week, only 12 students had made it through the seven day testing. The extreme difficulty level of Krav Maga is designed to make even black belts from other disciplines want to quit.

Basically it is some of the best self defense training you can get! But as with all martial arts, there are some knock off schools out there teaching watered down Krav Maga. If you ever go to a school that’s officially certified by Krav Maga Worldwide (http://www.kravmaga.com) you will probably get some of the best training of your life (and some of the hardest). :D