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@Matthew J. Bentley wrote:

Honestly what is the difference between Hardstyle and Hardcore?
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I would LOVE to represent Hardcore for godsdjs.com, I just haven’t been asked to (Even though I’m like the ONLY one to post in the hardcore forum hahaha)…

hardstyle: very melodical hard dance music, 140-160 bpm.
Main subgenre:
jumpstyle (bouncy stuff, pretty much the same as hardstyle)

hardcore: fast/dark hard dance music, 165-190 bpm.
Main subgenre’s:
early rave (100-190bpm, piano riffs and acid synths are often used here) industrial (distorted hardcore, very breaky, combined with calm sweeping strings, 170-200 bpm)
terror/speedore (200+ bpm, bulk of aggression, lots of kicks through eachother, barely a melody, weird lyrics)

if you compare happy hardcore to hardstyle, yes you might get confused (other then happy beeing faster then hardstyle). I guess I just better show you the diffrence.

where hardcore and hardstyle really are diffrent is the way their build I guess, hardstyle is focussed on the melody and sweeping voices where hardcore is focussed on kicks and weird noizes, stuttering vocals.
where hardcore is aggressive, hardstyle is the ‘sweet stuff’.




industrial hardcore:

early hardcore:

happy hardcore:

hope that explained it a little bit :)

if not… compare this:

hardcore (thunderdome 2008):

hardstyle (q-base 2007):