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@graphite412 wrote:

I bet Frog can do that in his sleep, standing on his head!

Ah, but as someone in the YouTube comments aptly warned:

Do not try this in your bed. ‘.’

I was never as into the shuffle or funk styles, more like the liquid, waving, tutting and stuff.

Check these out:

LP Eric:
(make sure you watch the part at 2:00 – 2:15, it’s pretty classic)

D-Strange owns it:

Philly Old School STAND UUUPPPPP!!!!
(this is where you lol @ Fr0g for repping a scene he was 3,000 miles away from and too young to be a part of =P)

And then of course the infamous elsewhere @ Kollaboration:
(first guy has a cool popping/animation style, then elsewhere just kills it. Walks on looking like a dweeb, walks off like a pro.)

And then, much more randomly, I saw this girl’s dance vid last month after not looking at any dance clips for half a decade or so. Pretty sick for a freestyle! (i.e. not a routine)