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Man that is great, congrats.

well, The Lord its puting the oportunity for you there, so that its awesome, pray about the gig.

you have to be really creative on that, since there is not enough christian or worship material out there for a set, but even that, you can have a very worshiping christian set, what I do its include secular tracks, with no lyrics and I use some voice in the breakdown like a preacher or something like that, and Im allways looking for tracks that maybe use as worship or a positive message tune. there are a few like that.

I will recomend to practice a lot to know very good your set, where the transitions go, and things like the timing and pace, make sure you have good monitors in the gig, just be creative, use all the elements you consider are good for a set like that, with out going over the top.

like I good friend who is a DJ and Producer said, its not what you hear, its what you feel,

and you will be roking the house man, and more important causing an impact in their souls.

take a listen to my track leviticus in my website, if you like it I’ll send to you
there is a dj set too on the dj mixes page, it may help if you listen to it.

Alejandro Cesar