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Hey bro, thought I might break up the cobwebs!

I am realling digging O Praise Him. Although I would classifie it more as a “Mash-up” than a remix.

I am not much into dubstep as a producer but I like what you did with the song. My only addition would be to add MORE SUB! lol. This song is good on it’s own but you definately added some awesome accents that hyped it up for me.

As far as the hillsong remix. It is out of key with your lead and vocal clip. O, and I am not too clear on copyright stuff, but I heard some stuff on taking clips from a cd and using it without permission, even if it is for free, like say at a DJ set. Just a suggestion, I am still looking into it myself.

That’s me two pennies. You do great work! Keep it up