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OK I tryed to translate it. I hope you can understand it but if you can’t I think I wrote something hungarian with englis words :lol: Cause I need to use dictionary. So maybe there are some expresions what are not fine.
So here is it:

Intro song:

I’m waiting your answer
My full life is a stake(on one card) / I m not sure you can understand this/
Just let me hear your voice!
I’m waiting your words like the morning( in the darkness)
Cause I know You never leave me alone.

OK. I’m lifting my eyes… say me something!!!

Midle song:

I’m standing on my knees now
I’m starving for your words
What said that ” Let there be…”
I gave up my whole life
everything what were beautifull for me
everything what I feared for
my every breath depend on you
My heart is afire with the desire to hear your voice
that ever your voice arrive to me
Your words help me everytime
and my heart comes to alive.


Lift your eyes…
Rise your hands…
You can trust in him…
Even everybody left you!