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I think that a pretty general way to summarize the biblical take on alcohol is that you shouldn’t ‘abuse’ it. So then, why is it unwise? Like any mind-altering substance, you can lose control of yourself. If you act in a sinful way during or abuse the substance in order to act sinfully than you’ve made a poor decision. This isn’t simply just in actions but in thoughts, making you spiritually vulnerable at the same time. No matter how spiritually strong you can claim to or attest to be, by losing control of your mind/body, you’re opening yourself up in a dangerous way. (Think about how people claim to have ‘religious experiences’ or ‘bad trips’ while on mind-altering substances.) Simply being aware of this is significant. If you can just ask yourself “Why do I want to drink?” or “Will I do something I will regret?”, your doing yourself a favor.

There are also those who believe that these are simply ‘The Rules’ or that to be a ‘Good’ person or christian is to never drink. Without any personal understanding or foundational belief, your doomed to failure in this respect. This is especially dangerous for children who simply get a list of facts to memorize and are told that drugs and alcohol are ‘bad’.

The bottom line is, While understanding the consequences, mind-altering substances are NEVER an excuse for negative behaviors, poor decisions, or lack of self-respect. Cultural/lawful acceptance should never supersede moral or biblical standards.