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I grew up in a conservative church under conservative parents in a conservative neighbourhood. It tends to make one rather ‘religious’.

Since I’ve been ‘freed’ from the chains of self-inflicted dogma, I can see all of the valid points above working for the good in my life.

I do see how it can damage your witness, but let me point out that in many ways it can damage your witness to be over religious about these things. I have found that it speaks much more to people when you’re simply a real person like everyone else. It’s much more of a witness to have drink with a friend and to show integrity and responsibility by ordering a coke after when everyone else is still pounding back brewskies. I have no issue with my brethren who choose NOT to drink.

I’d much prefer to have the debate about smoking?? And if smoking is terribly wrong, what about casually (like those above who mentioned a casual drink). What about a cigar or a pipe? Special occasions?