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Boy have you found the right place. You will find LOTS of christian music (dj’s and producers) around here in many of the styles you listed.

Hardstyle – you will find many fans around but like you said the genre is littered with foul language so its difficult to find “clean” material in the genre. Many people here will be able to point you in the right direction for what is out there though. Feel free to post in the genre sections under the “Electronic Dance Music” category on the main forum page.

We have 24/7 radio here at Gods Djs and its mainstream and christian dance music. 100% clean all the time. http://www.radio.godsdjs.com Lots of LIVE shows too. There is a schedule on that page ^^^

Most of us would agree that the material that has “bad” things in them, we stay away from. We here are about providing clean dance music and christian dance music.

Its awesome to have you here man, the more people that come and participate the more God seems to be showing us all His amazing vision that He is spreading around the world for this music and culture.

Feel free to ask any questions to anyone here and also hit up the chatroom at the bottom of the page.