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Hey bro!

Well, as for clubs go, I think it needs to be strictly for the purpose of evangelism. Now, I have heard it argued to be impossible to witness, as a DJ, in clubs. But I disagree.

One, if the music is well produced, most people wont care what is in it.
Two, all things are possible through Christ!

I personally believe that all music that is played by a Christian DJ must be Christ focused. Just like pastors, we influence our crowds in deeper ways than we even understand.

I definately think that electronic music can be redeemed for the Kingdom. the instrument and sound is not what makes music evil. It is what men do with those instruments and sounds. The world uses electronica to push an agenda of imorality and hatred, we as believers in Christ should use it to declare Jesus and His works among His people.

I personally search for tracks that I know are created by Christians for the purpose of exalting Jesus. I do not think I would ever use a secular artist in my sets.

I am actually putting a set together for a local church were I live and it is all worship geared. Some of the music does not have lyrics and some of it does, but it is all from believers who produced it. So yes, it is possible and even desirable to persue DJing as a believer.

Bless you!