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I agree with Matt on pretty much everything except for the gunshot sounds in War, I didn’t hear no gun shots. And I sort of like that song…but the melody is quite old school. If your going to go with that kind of feel, I would suggest some arabic melodies. Or even better, some Israelite melodies.

Yeah, the chord progression in Psalm 51 is very nice. I would like to hear some more rhythm in this song though, like rhythmic arpeggiators, or sequenced synth hits. And depending on the chord in the song…try to harmonize each note strike with a different note of the same chord. Like two people harmonizing when singing. One of the best examples of harmonizing that I can think of is in the song “Who Am I” by Casting Crowns. Here’s the link: http://youtu.be/mBcqria2wmg The Harmonizing begins at precisely 1:01.

R4IN is pretty cool as well. Quite old schoolish. Again maybe some more eq’d drum loops in the mix, along with some bass layering. And I believe one thing that you could build on… is this concept that actually is very prevelant in electronic music…groove. Groove to me is like a deep, some what repetative but not at all boring, rhythmic entrancing. It’s in the progression within the repetition that makes things futuristically ancient. I Personally like the electronic music of the early 2000′s better than a lot of stuff I hear new. That would be my suggestion.

Also another suggestion would be to try and mess with some vocals. I personally get some samples from Baptist sermons. Usually African American baptist preachers, they just seem to have that strong voice somewhat musical, somewhat rhythmic. Otherwise I do my own vocals. ; ) Hope this all helps Mi amigo del Pais de mis Padres. Hasta la proxima. (Until next time)

8-) ;) :ugeek: