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I used to be a drug addict that has used almost every hard drug known to man. I got to the point where I would use like 3 or four different drugs at the same time in order to get high resulting in overdose a few times. I will say this on the comparison to getting high on drugs and hearing the voice of God. Once I had that first high on a drug I never could get that first feeling eventhough I would do more and more. But everytime I hear the voice of the Lord it is like the first time. It never grows old. It seems new and fresh all of the time.

That is about of close of a reference as I can get as far as the “drug” thing. I am leary of the people that get a “glory high” or who seem to seek after that. I have known people that seem to seek after an experience but never seem to have much substance. Like the whole charismatic laughing move. Craziness. Move of man. What substance has it brought? What glory has it brought to the Lord?

Now the book “Practicing the presence of God” by Brother Lawrence will humble you if you read it. That man had an awesome relationship with the Lord that was built on substance not chasing after a “God high”. The Montanist’s had a focus on experiencing a state of possession where they spoke eratically like they were being controlled in a state of ecstacy. They are a good example of when people try to take an experience in the Lord and hype it up trying to make a type out of it. It amazes me how many whack moves of man keeps being repeated throughout the centuries. The statement is true that, “If we do not understand history with are destined to repeat it”.

Don’t get me wrong I love intense worship and dancing before the Lord. I am not chasing after an experience or high but after His heart.