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I’m here in Missouri and am finishing up my schooling for music technology. I’m starting to produce and am trying to branch out into EDM. As of now I’ve only made pop tunes. I have a personal conviction that the Christian music that I produce should be for free; I don’t want to charge for worship. I stock groceries at a grocery store as of now and I have no idea what I will be doing for a living. Whatever my job is I still want to have huge amounts of time to devote to God in prayer and worship. I’m prayerfully giving my job situation to God. I would rather be poor to produce music in Spirit and in Truth than to get caught up into a worldly recording industry that serves the god of mammon all the while saying that it is a “Christian” industry. When worship becomes a business, all hopes of pleasing God will fail unless there is repentance. So as of now I’m producing music and putting it up for free on the Internet and putting the tracks on cd to hand out when my friends and I go evangelizing as a type of audible gospel track. Thanks for your post and sincere desire to get to know other brothers in Christ.

My the Lord bless you brother and teach you the things that you should do.
May your heart burn within you for the things of the Lord.