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Actually I’m getting into that also bro. Reaktor 5 from NI also has some great live pa capabilities. You might check out some musical programming languages like PD (Pure Data), Max MSP, Supercollider, or something similar. These do tons of stuff and basically you’re only limited to you *’*imagination*’* (tried to girly that one up : :mrgreen: ). Ya I would get a drum pad if you don’t have one already. I just got Korg’s padKontrol and like it so far. It’s 200 new but I got it for 100 on ebay. Also Behringher usually makes crappy stuff but their BCR2000 and their BCF2000 are said to be unbeatable for their price. Also there is the Evolution UC-33e and Novation Launchpad. If I’m correct the Evolution controller does not have motorized fader, but I’m positive the Behringer has motorized faders. Hope this helps bro. Ebay can definately get you stuff cheaper especially if it is just midi controllers with don’t have much stuff to break on them. Like I said I got my padKontrol for half price and it works fine.

This shows the Behringers and Reaktor 5 for a live pa setup.