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Matt. 5:31-32 Mentions the fact that divorce under her being unfaithful is not committing adultery.
Again in Matt. 19:9 (unless his wife has been unfaithful).
I agreed with most of what we are saying but I find that if a pastor has had a divorce we must understand what has happened. Too often people get going up in judging before explanation. Jesus was clear that if the wife was unfaithful, divorce is a possible option and is therefore not committing adultery. A good example would be my pastor now. He has had a divorce because his first wife cheated on him (many times) then left him for the other man. He is now remarried and I completely believe he is in the Lord’s will. I love how Matt.19 tells us that divorce was not God’s original intent for mankind, but either is sin in general. Is it not one of the greatest truths of the Gospel that Jesus came to fix all that was not originally intended for mankind. Jesus came to fix, restore…we must preach the good news of God’s grace now, and his coming judgment to those who do not repent. Yes God will judge the church, but this will be a much different judgment.

anyways…that’s how I see it.