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Our church has just announce that we will be bringing on a new assistant pastor who has been involved with our church for many years. Several years ago he pastored his own church and during that time his wife cheated on him and left him for another guy. He then was kicked out of his church and now is re-married and comming on as a full time pastor at our church. I do not believe this goes against Biblical laws. He did nothing wrong…why would God punish him for his wifes adultry? How could he have reconciled with her when she married someone else right away? I don’t know but I think this is a circumstance where he is “fit” to pastor. Why should satan be successful in his attack and attempt to remove this man from ministry? I do agree that in a normal divorce circumstance that that person probably shouldnt be in leadership but not in a case like this.

And I certianly agree with the bride being spotted right now :(

Anyway thats my 2 cents. :)