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I think of the kingdom of heaven at first when I think about this. Which is invariably the heaven we will be in when we die, or when Christ comes to take those who believe in him. The kingdom of God can also be the world around us. Although the world has been corrupted by human nature, there is still much beauty in it, even though it’s no where near the magnitude of what it once was before the fall of man. He takes care of those who seek him, and truly want to need him. Through the shed blood of Jesus we have power over the physical realm, not in a physical sense always, but when we are in his full will, abiding in him, whatever we ask or think or more like truly need will be provided. We have to firmly acknowledge though, HE has the final say of what goes down. The earth is a foreshadowing of the kingdom of God, or rather part of it that shows his amazing handiwork. All his creation is His kingdom. Thats the way I see it.