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if your good enough and are willing to take more bookings then you might be able to making a living out of it. yet… im not that sure if its enough to support yourself.. you will have to keep getting up to date with the music so getting new records all the time or buying mp3′s of the net. Then you got the fee you have to pay for playing out artists music (buma/stemra, royalties crap ya know, if not ill explain :p ). if your living on your own you will have to pay lotsa bills nd stuff so you will need to have a steady rate of bookings for that. If im looking at maself about howmany gigs per night I can do I’d say 2 or 3 depending on location. When its around my area I can hop on the train nd get to the places where I need to be pretty darned fast. I’d be playing like 10-11, 0-2 nd 4-6 or something.. to give ya an idea. Some traveling time between the sets, getting ready, taking a dump or whatever ya know :) Say I’d make about 1000 dollar (5 hours dj’ing) on a friday night, playing another set on saturday, take the sunday free off from dj’ing (no really.. i dont play on sundays :) )… so about 1200 dollar for 6 hours over 2 days.. Througout (spelling?) the week clubs here got regular dj’s so ya want come in between them that fast, there for only the weekend… 1200 dollar minus the royalties and that leaves you with 1000 or 1100 or something, minus the cost for new records (vinyl/cd/mp3), minus your food/drinks for that week, minus the electricity/gas/light thats used that week, going out yourself or so, for the smokers getting ur sigarettes or so.. leaves you with a little to save. I’d say it is possible.. but theres to much factors to take care of. I have been living from it for a while but I have the advantage that im still living with ma parents so a lot of the cost already get covered.

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If you wish to make a living out of dj’ing its important that you promote yourself so much. You need a certain amount of sets per weekend or entire week, depends on your dedication to it and if there is place for you to dj. Then you need to figure out how to get clubs or events that arn’t to far away from eachother to book you. Ofcourse you can get 8 sets a night easely, but you aint getting from (for example) texas to california in a matter of 10 mins or so. I’d say if you be in a well populated area, some major town and your are a good/reasonable dj. Your getting a regular spot in a club (which is one thing I’d really advice if you want to make your living out of it). Your getting atleast 5 or 6 well paid sets per week, living in a lowbudget house. Yes, you can make a living out of it. Bare in mind that when you start dj’ing you will have to promote yourself by playing free sets, asking little amounts of cash if your going to become a paid dj. So in the beginning of your dj’ing carreer it will suck badly, you will have more costs then income really. I started playing for free and still do sometimes. When I started to ask money it was about (calculated to USD) 50 dollar per hour? Something like that. Now I’m already on 200 per hour. And thats about as high as I will get. There’s professional dj’s that I know that get paid exactly the same as me for playing on an event like Q-base which is a major leading dance event in germany, yet organised by the dutch woopdidoo!! :D If you look at guys like armin van buuran, tiesto, ferre le grand, manu le malin, carl cox, paul elstak… those guys make big bills because of their name. They have been going around for years and flying from the one to the other big event all the time. Playing on little things in clubs aside that. Noone cares if they play the same set over nd over for a few years because they have a status already. Personally I sometimes find it redicules howmuch some of those guys get paid but that aside ;)

Anyway hope this helped ya again :) As said last time, if theres more you need let me know :) (dont copy paste for your papers!! :P )

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