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You guys have never heard of a record pool? A record pool is group of dj’s that people give their music to, so that the dj’s will play their music. In the old days, its basically a promo list, but the pool acts like an agent and trys to collect the music on behalf of the dj. The dj would take the music, listen or try it out on a dancefloor, and report the outcome to the pool. So you are constantly getting new music and reporting on it. Now pools have become more like web services, where you pay a certain amount and have access to a large amount of music. Labels will put their music into pools, either for free or a very small income, and they become part of a large group that will promote and distribute their music. There is no copyright issues. The dj pays for the service, not the music. The label agrees (to whatever is set btw them and the pool, usually no charge….its promotion and feedback) and they get their music out there. I am a part of a few pools, most are still run like promo pools in the old day. There are some really good newer style ones, such as PromoPool.com. Its like $40 (used to be $70, till a bunch of us complained) per month and its unlimited access to 1,000s of songs. Most are pretty good actually. If you want a place for music and like to shop, this place is one of the best. It has some well known labels in the project as well.

All in all, if you have a chance to be a part of a pool, and you dj a lot, do it.