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Ichthus R to the O to the CK Rocked! The first night we had some sound difficulties so we didn’t get to do much at all the but had almost 200 kids. I wasn’t there the second night but was told that it pushed or exceeded about 300 total. Then the third night we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 500-600 kids. At one time we probably had 250-300 strong. There was a steady rotation of new people as different bands finished or started. I remember raves in the early nineties. This totally had that vibe. It was way cool. We even had a kid come up and rap Lecrae’s “Jesus Musik” which I played an electro house version later. The crowd went crazy pretty much the entire time. We had to keep making the kids get off the stage and there was lots of crowd surfing as well. We only had a couple minor injuries: twisted knee, ankle, and a fainting. There were some big festival video cameras there as well so I believe that we drew some interest. I think this could be taglined as Ichthus DJ Stage 2009:Rough and Rugged! The fellowship among DJ’s was awesome we had a blast hanging out and the kids were so into it. They passed up alot of awesome bands to come hang with us. I have had about 15 kids add me to their facebook and myspace already. God really moved through this event. It was major fun! I will get some video clips up soon.