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i was gonna put a big long speach in here about how american dj sucks so bad, bu then i reread your post and it says american AUDIO… silly me… those look like some decent products, decent starterset for sure! but might i make a suggestion? if you are going to spend a few g on dj equipment, and if you already have a laptop, id reccomend the new serato itch, with one of the new controllers. it is a mixer, and 2 digital audio controllers all in one, and they run cheaper than what you are planning on spending. the software is free when u purchase the controller, and this is the way it appearts that dj is heading anyway… might i recomend the Vestax vci-300 http://www.pssl.com/Vestax-VCI-300-USB-Controller-w-Serato-Itch-White it is pretty decently cheap, and removes the requirement to lug around a big box of cd’s. there are a few other controllers like that as well if u want i can show u those too.