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errr.. i bet they can play on something else then cdj1000 :p get cdj200′s for rent.. those cost barely anything :) even if ya just buy em… it cost as much as hiring cdj1000 :p

but erm.. really.. why cant guys that are used to pro equitment play with a simple controller? it is sooooooooo much easier.. and assuming its house/electro/trance played on the worship? thats perfect for most controllers as they often have software that only support up to 150 bpm.

i had a house fire couple years ago and went from 2x pioneer mk3 + 1x denon s5000 + 1x cdj200 + mccrypt 4 channel mixer to well.. wot i got now.. a behringer bcd2000…. i just use all i learned on the pro stuff on this thing and aslong as i dun go over 150 bpm it works fine.. gotta complain to behringer bout that though but ow well.. if the artists you book have some compassion roddy :) they should just get used to it and go wif wot you got. it aint to hard. they just need to set the cd’s/vinyl to mp3′s which aint to hard.

either way… there are things you can save on i guess :) i dunno if the dj’s charge cash..? also a post to safe on.. we done an event not long ago and most of the dj’s played for free.. some wanted travling expenses which is understandable :) theres many ways to make it cost less :) pm me if ya need some tips on organising stuff maybe i can help somehow :)