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@graphite412 wrote:

For everyone else, keep the posting without belittling or arguing back and forth.

Not sure if this is directed at me for my last post, at least partially. If so, I would say that I’m not intending to belittle Path in any way or be argumentative. However, I do have to call a spade a spade. His self-declaration of “victory” would be chastised by any debate team coach. It was a lame move. That’s a fact, not a judgment. It also would give the appearance that Path was being disingenuous in the “The Gospel” thread when he stated:

@Parhelion22 wrote:

I see debates being more of a “your wrong, I’m right” mentality, which I am absolutely not trying to get across.

Conclusively pronouncing your own view the correct one is pretty much the definition of a “your wrong, I’m right” mentality.

And I do find his statement that I quoted to be scary. More accurately put, I find it heretical. It says that the blood of Christ is insufficient for our salvation. To say, if Mr. Smith goes to the altar, sincerely repents, turns his life over to Christ, accepts God’s grace and Jesus’ payment for his sins but still goes to Hell because he dies in a car accident before the baptism service that evening, that is heresy. Again, calling a spade a spade.

I think it’s probably time to shake the dust of my sandals on this one.