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Did you realize that you quoted glm? Anyway do you have a list of writings of the early church fathers, like really early ones. Like the ones that would have been taught by the apostles themselves. I myself would be leery of any writings probably more than 100 years past the time of the twelve apostles. Every movement of revival that I’ve seen in history seems to succumb after the founds die. For example the early writings of the pentecostal revivalists like Frank Bartleman are awesome, but now the pentecostal is just a fraction of what it was, at least here in the states. I realize that you hold the Catholic church in high regards, but I have to disagree with a lot of things that they have done. They too have fallen a far way from the tree just like all the other revivals in the past. That is not to say that there are awesome men/women of God in the Catholic or pentecostal denomination, but the fruit bares witness to what state it is in.