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Oops. Sorry Graphite. John quit being a girl. ;) I love you man…aggresively. lol

I’m more into the Orthodox church not the Roman Catholic church. St. Ignatius was a disciple of John the apostle. As was Polycarp. Clement was a disciple of Paul. Their writings are available and have the same MSS. qualifications concerning authenticity as the bible as far as archaeology is concerned. They almost quote the words of the apostles and the Lord throughout. In no way am I putting it on the same level as scripture. However we can learn volumes about how they interpreted the scripture because they either saw the Lord with their own eyes or walked with the Apostles themselves. And they finished the race until the end, fighting the good fight of faith. Most of them with the cost of their physical life. No one entered the church without baptism. It wasn’t taught as something optional nor was it received as such. If you don’t think it’s neccessary then don’t get baptized. If you did get baptized then don’t teach that it isn’t necessary. Hush.

We often times have a tendency to want to interpret the bible from our time back to the scripture to back up what we have known. Instead we should start from scripture forward.

The bible wasn’t even put together for about four hundred years or so after Revelation was written. How do you think they decided which writing was of God? There were many writings out there like the Gospel of Peter, Barnabas, etc. How do you think they came up with the bible? Check it out.


Check out some of these readings.