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@DjDan wrote:

That thief needed to hear the message of salvation and repent of his sins.

You mean “that thief needed to hear, repent, and be baptized”, don’t you? By your own argument, baptism is a requirement for salvation. The blood of Christ isn’t enough. So, apparently, Jesus held a large baptism service while in Paradise. ;)

I’m not really going to get back into this topic because I’ve said my peace with it, and we’ll never agree due to radically differing views on John 3:5 if nothing else. But I am curious…. For those of you who attend churches that hold to a “no salvation without baptism” view, how often do you make baptism available? After every service/altar call? At any time, day or night? It seems that you’d want to baptize folks as quickly as possible because it’d be a real tragedy for someone to spend eternity in Hell who had accepted Jesus’ payment for their sins but hadn’t yet been dunked. It’d stink to have the grace but not the works.