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Now, to forewarn you, this is just a J.Hill-ism… just a way that I think, but I would hate to think that God is a God that will rule you out of Heaven on a technicality… I just don’t see believing in Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins and serving Him throughout your whole life and then getting roughed up by the bouncers at the pearly gates because you didn’t get dunked… again, that’s just me, I’m not saying anything about what The Bible says or doesn’t say about baptism, I’m just going off of where my relationship is with God.
On the other side of the coin, what would it hurt just to get baptized anyway? The Bible definitely says to do it to make a public profession of your faith. It’s your coming out party… Not a bad idea to look into getting baptized, it wouldn’t hurt… shoot, I’ve been baptized a couple of times at different spots in my life just to make sure we were good… it’s all about obedience. Just get dunk’d. Case closed.
…maybe I should’ve saved my opinions for AFTER my show premieres? lol *duck and cover!*