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@John: I don’t believe that the water Jesus mentions is speaking of ambiotic fluid. Nor does the early church which consisted of the Apostles and those who walked with Jesus. No one called themselves a christian who wasn’t baptized. And they would never teach..”Well you can do it if you want. It’s just a nice symbol to represent a choice that has been made.” Baptism has never been regarded as such to the early church or those who have carried the deposit of the faith until now. To enter the kingdom one must be born of water and spirit. Everyone is born in ambiotic fluid so it would have been superflous to mention it if that is what he meant. He would have only stated that one must be born of Spirit only. And that wasn’t the case. The scripture you mention in Romans must not be taken to be the only scripture pertaining to salvation.

I’m glad that you don’t believe in “once saved, always saved”.