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Does that bring much more understanding to you now Graphite412? :)

Well you really haven’t answered my questions in the way that I was asking them. I’m not sure if it is that you don’t get what I’m asking or if you think that what I’m asking is a scriptural impossibility. I still believe that baptism is important but that we are saved once we believe. That is why I brought out the fact that the gentiles had the gift of the Holy Ghost before they were baptized with water. Also if we have the Holy Ghost, then we are His. So it shows that the gentiles were saved before they had their baptism.

Anyway I know that you disagree Parhelion, but I think that I should probably stop here because I don’t think this conversation is going anywhere anymore. It seems like we are starting to recycle the same stuff and we are still on the same positions.

For everyone else, keep the posting without belittling or arguing back and forth.

God bless! :)