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There is a scripture in the bible calling Jesus an angel. This really made it hard for the early church to sort out exactly the relationship of Jesus/God. Some of the earliest hyms used the term “angel” to describe Jesus. However when the evidence overwhelmingly pointed to the fact that Jesus was fully God and fully man they did away with the term angel even though it would have been orthodox to call Him such. It was decided early in the first century that the term Angel was no longer appropriate for Jesus. The fathers concluded that the term must have meant messenger. Not refering to his nature but that he came to show the Father’s love. For the Son is not created but exists eternally, begotten but not made.

So by the same token I don’t think that you can assume that God has seven spirits. For that would be contrary to His nature. Most likely the seven spirits are angels. The only uncreated is Father, Son, & Holy Ghost. Therefore the 7 spirits would have to be created, thus angels.