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(This is probably going to come off as accusatory; however, it is meant to be explanatory.)

You feel that I’ve made this a debate rather than a discussion. From my view, you made it a discourse rather than a discussion. You were having your say, all the while not addressing most of the things that were being presented from the opposing view. Part of the reason for my “scoring” was simply to demonstrate the one-sidedness of the “discussion”.

The remainder of the reason for the “scoring” was to present evidence to counter your questioning of my character, to show that it was without warrant. You have asked my forgiveness for that, and I give it to you.

What I saw as you trying to manipulate and control whatever discussion was occurring (requiring us to answer questions that you devised, rather than addressing the Scriptures that we’d already presented) further increased my frustration with your methods of discussion.

Finally, you did misrepresent yourself in claiming to not be coming from a “you’re wrong, I’m right” mentality. Your final words in your departing post add evidence to this:

@Parhelion22 wrote:

It seems to me that no one has the ears to truly hear on this sight, so I’ll leave-well-enough-alone.

Essentially, you’re leaving this site because we’re not willing to admit that you’re right. I am truly hearing you; I’m just not agreeing with you. I’ve read what you’ve written. I’ve even prayed (as I have during all of the discussions that I’ve had on this site with people that passionately disagree with me) that, if I am wrong, God would make that clear to me. So far, He hasn’t done that. Some might say that means I’m a hypocrite and have an “you’re wrong, I’m right” attitude. I don’t think so, because I’m willing to accept it if God does indicate that I’m wrong. I know for certain that I’m not 100% correct in all of the things that I believe to be true. I believe that no human is; we all have false beliefs of some sort or another that we’re blind to.

I’ll probably catch flak from all sides for this one, but…. Quite honestly, I see the issue of the Trinity as a negotiable, anyway. Whether someone believes that God–in a way incomprehensible to the human mind–is three distinct persons yet still just on entity or believes that God is one person/entity simply viewed from different points of reference, as long as that person believes that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are/is fully God and that there is only one God, I don’t think God’s going to lose any sleep over it. (For clarification, I mean the God of the Bible and have left out the whole salvation thing for the sake of brevity.)

It’s obviously your decision whether to stay or go. If everyone at a site has to agree with you in order for you to stay, I think that you’ll have to start your own site and ban the rest of the world. That’s not to slam you. I just haven’t yet found two Christians that, if you dig deeply enough, completely agree on everything. If you choose to stay, you’ll have to accept that some folks here are going to (even strongly) disagree with some of your beliefs. Just as the rest of us have had to accept the same thing.