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ok guys, i think this thread has run its corse. Parhelion22 99% of the members on this site believe in the Trinity and no thread or amount of justification will change that. It’s fine that you wanted to talk about it here (thanks for posting it in the correct section too) but I’m pretty sure its clear where we stand.

Now, that being said…I sincerly hope you remain here as a part of this community regardless of any frustrations resulting from this thread. One of the things that makes GodsDJs unique is that we have members from all different background and denominations who interact here peacefully with one another and try not to ruffel each others feathers.

Whether God exists in 3 persons or not (which I personally believe He does) it really doesn’t matter as long as you’ve accepted Jesus into your heart and asked for / accepted the forgivness of your sins by Him.

I’m sure when we get to heaven we’ll find out that much of what we (the church as a whole) believed as doctrine was wrong but thanks to the Grace we’ll still be saved.