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“As though the one God were not Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in this way also, that they are all of the one, namely, by unity of substance, while nevertheless the mystery of that economy is protected which disposes the unity into trinity, setting forth Father and Son and Spirit as three, three however not in quality but in sequence, not in substance but in aspect, not in power but in its manifestation.” Tertullian

Parhelion22, it seems that you have taken the modalist position. Or a monarchian view at best. To which the church has decreed, “If anyone does not confess that the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are three persons of one essence and virtue and power, as the catholic (universal, united church before the split of 1054) and apostolic church teaches, but says that they are a single solitary person, in such a way that the Father is the same as the Son and this One is also the Paraclete Spirit, as Sabellius and Priscillian have said, let him be anathema.”

The belief in the Trinity is what the church has always believed and confessed. There are scriptures about the humanity of Christ and the Diety of Christ that caused the early church to search for the truth as some were in disagreement. Even about the nature of Christ (of which there is two natures, not separate but one). Was Jesus only a man and consumed by the Logos? But the church had to come to terms with why in the liturgy Jesus was worshipped. And the worship i.e. prayers of the church were actually older than most of the new testament. So the church had to uncover what the conflicting scriptures actually meant. All in all, this is something that can only be spiritually discerned and recieved in faith that has been passed down through the ages since the beginning. I pray that you come to understand this truth because there is nothing more critical to eternal life and knowing our God.