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Jesus (Yeshua) He was the “Lamb image of the Passover lamb offered in Exodus 12. Chirst hung on a cross between heaven and Earth, similar to Moses’s brass serpent on the pole in Nunbers 21 (john 3:14) . The sacrifice of the red heifer in Nunbers 19 speaks of wood, hyssop, and scarlet, wich were used during this ancient ritual. All three items were part of the crucifixion of Christ fifteen hundred years later. (see john 19:17 , 29; Matthew 27:28.)
So thats is the Law of God in New Testament view :
Understanding the Torah’s three main codes helps us to understand what was fulfilled through Christ and what remains intact.
The torah code can be divided into three main categories:
The sacrificial code
The cremonial code
The judicial-moral code.