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so to update, like I said unemployment ran out but thankfully week later (last friday) tax return came in. But really don’t want to use all of it so still need a job asap.

AS far as me as musician and knowing about music/recording, not getting the radio job and being told I didn’t have enough experience by a studio before christmas really has me feeling like crap. Makes me feel 15 yrs of my life wasted and nothing to show for.

On the IT, computer side of things, definitely feeling the effects of poor decisions with not immediately taking a job after college and as well based on bad presumptions. Now feel like I can’t even get an entry level job.

so past week or two, been applying for retail positions as well. Re-applied at Best Buy, also Guitar Center and start riding around soon when weather clears.

it just sucks right now for me. :cry: :?: :!: :x