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@Sonick92 wrote:

If he’s this open about his anti-Christian thoughts, then i find it extremely hard to think he’s on GodsDjs.

Exactly Ken. The Anti Christ is a huge idiot…who produces idiots. That’s the way I choose to see things. Back in Jesus’s time, people would get stoned for things like this. And not too long ago…for things like this or if you thought someone was a witch…. Christians would hang them. I’m not condoning that, although…someone burned my church down recently…I wouldn’t mind suggesting to hang that person. But anyway life goes on. And actually, Jesus said to turn the other cheeck. So, he means for us to be more humble yet sacrificial yet never loosing faith. And getting the Good word out. So with this guy, we have someone who is Anti Christ. He might not even be an evil guy, but having that shirt on could be looked at as evil. So, I believe we as christians should stick together, and the best move we could do with this enemy is ban him. Not listen to his stuff, not buy his music, no go to his events. Things like that. I am pretty hardcore, so I am not against writting him letters. But letters of dissaproval and encouraging him to find out about Jesus himself. And what Jesus stands for. And the consequences of being against the King of Life.