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I had the coolest time this morning jamming on ninjam.

Well guys I jammed with this for the first time this morning. I stayed up until 7:30 am jamming with a Christian brother from Germany. He was in Berlin and I was in Missouri. Theo Dege is the guys name (pronounced like T, O, Dig, Uh), and he does Christian EDM. He mentioned to me that he goes and preaches the gospel on the streets in Germany by doing techno sets in the open air. The sound quality, although it wasn’t great, was ok, and I think that it would be good enough to do a live show. There is definately a lot of practice that would be needed before doing a set, but it is a step in the right direction. We had no problems with clicks or pops or getting kicked off the server that we were on. More than two people can get on, so it is possible to have a live pa set with as many people who would like to join. There is also a mixer type interface in ninjam and would make it possible to mute adjust levels in real time. If the setup was done in the right way someone could mix the set in real time as well.