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Right on. I will try and get the mastered version downloaded. it is a tremendous track and works well in the mix.

I know you are extremely busy now, not sure exactly how busy. however thought i would ask. and if you dont have the time ITS ALL GOOD :)

In our drop box there is a file that states DON REMIX THIS. Inside that file, is a file with about an hour long Bible Study we had a few weeks ago. I wondered if you could master the file to where you can hear the words better. I also was curious how much work it would take? If its to much of a hassle. no problem. let it be, however if it is simple for you to raise the vocals, clean the vocals up to where they sound good, so they can be used in a mix, it would be a major blessing ,

There is also another file , at the very bottom of the box. It is a conference call we had with Pastor Derrick , Shaun , etc. If you could do the same with it. Let me know please. God Bless You Brother.
Hope and plan to see you Very Soon.