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Hey bro good thing you probably asked before just diving in into this subject. Myself having had many dreams in the past was naturally curious about the subject of dreaming, and wanted to know more than what the couple Christians books had to offer. My access to the books at the college also made this search a little easier.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Christian author use the word lucid dream. This term is normally used by the scientific community, and refers to specific types of dream in which someone has the ability to think or act for themselves. This would be a dream that is more than “a movie on a big screen,” where you just kind of sit by and watch stuff happen or are push along. Many dreams even if you are talking or doing activities don’t include your active input, they just happen. This is not what lucid dreaming is referring to, which is where you think and act for yourself while the experience is happening. These books from the small amount that I’ve read are based from a “scientific” perspective and not Christian. The new age, neo pagan, and the like also use this terminology. From what I’ve read both camps, the scientific, and the pagan dive into witchcraft. They encourage hijacking your dreams and taking control to make them fun or exciting or whatever you want them to be. These books normally talk about using your dream for sexual lusts as well (even though that is not what they call it). I would recommend to stay far away from books and internet sites using this terminology.

I really believe if you don’t have control of a dream you should not try to take control of it, and that trying to take control of it is trying to operate in witchcraft. Dreaming can be a great blessing from God, but they need to be discerned. Some dreams can come from God, others from demonic sources, or from your own human person. It takes the gift of discernment to know the difference and not some formula some book has to offer. After some time of praying to the Lord, things will start to make more sense.