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KT Granulator- a granulation plugin- great for glitchy effects or pitch shifting or making weird sounds.

Audio Damage Rough Rider- great for making over compressed sounds and squashing things.

Sheppi- a Spacial Enhancer. Great for making a track sound wider. It is also nice for taking a mono track and giving it a stereo width.

Voxengo Span- probably the best free audio analizer. Recommended for DAW’s with crappy metering (i.e. Logic pro and Cubase)

Voxengo Recorder- records the output of your daw. Great for making sounds in real time!!!

Voxengo Stereo Touch- a mid-side stereo effects processor. Make a sound, sound wider,

Glitch- Great for making weird glitch sounds. Great for glitch hop or IDM. Does weird effects.

ExpDigita Delta Series- Has filtering, multiband distortion, phasion, delays, and spatialisation. The multiband distortion would be perfect for making things crunchier. Uses for the multiband distortion include electro bases, hardstyle “tok” noises, and making flat samples sound punchier!

reaplugins- These plugins are great for being free. The compressor is the cleanest free compressor that I’ve ever heard. It allows frequency specific compression for dessing and also a dry/wet option for parallel procession! The eq has unlimited parametric bands!