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I don’t know what better algorithms you could be talking about. Last I knew, Reaper had better dynamic range than Pro Tools HD and routing I know for sure is better. Reaper offers 64bit wav recording and rendering which offers like 384 dB of dynamic range. Pro Tools has only 48bit resolution max, which offers 288 dB of dynamic range. So Reaper would “sound” better technically but because we are in the analogue world we can only really get 32dB max resolution on playback or tracking. The only reason to have that high of bit resolution would be to do electronic music with high quality synths which would be able to have resolution to be on par with the bit depth. Anyway this is a different matter.

Thing is with Pro Tools is it now comes bundled with some effects and instruments. In version 7 this wasn’t the case; well maybe it had like 3 plugins. It is also an industry standard in America for recording studios, but this really doesn’t matter because the recording studio industry will continue to as recording software and equipment becomes cheaper and cheaper. For edm and electronica this industry standard title does little for us because we are the artist not a recording studio trying to make money by creating projects that are highly compatible with other studios. The downside is that vst offers more plugins than rtas and tdm. Also you have to have their dedicated software. Reaper does not need hardware and can used ASIO For All so after $40 you can basically start going to town. Also you can put it on a number of computers with the license.

Anyway I just had to show Reaper’s superiority over Pro Tools. lol