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Freeware or supercheap


Reaper- great DAW $40.
Renoise- Great DAW/tracker about $70
Fl Studio- Express Version $50

paulstretch- great for making ambient sounds. This is a stand alone program with preview features. It slows down audio to extreme rates. Check out youtube for Justin Bieber’s tracks slowed down to 800%, they start to sound like ambient epics!!! Windows only.

flux- Has two great quality freeware plugins
bittersweet II and Stereo Tools- Bittersweet is a transient designer and Stereo Tools is a mid-side volume control. Stereo Tools is great for enhancing the stereo width of a sound, just don’t overuse it.

Liquidsonics- Reverberate LE, Filtrate LE. Reverberate LE is a free convolution vst and Filtrate LE is a free linear phase EQ. These are high quality.

Places to find free reverb impulses in .wav formats. These can be uploaded to many popular DAW convolution reverb plugins as well as third party plugins.

Superwave P8- great sounding synth for being free. I personally think it sounds just as good as some of the $100 synths!

Elektrostudio analog pack- 10 vintage emulations. Great for some of those cheesy old synth sounds. Would be great for making vintage nostalgia.

Humanoid Sound Systems- Scanned synth- a donationware plugin. Pay what you will. Great for dubstep/glitch/dnb/idm. It is more of a niche plugin.