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I am actually married.( she does pop my bubble are the time thank God)

Look I want to start doing this again as a ministry(I am not interested in the club scene been there did that) like traveling around to different churches and worshipping God through it. But the only way to do that it seems is to get your name out there. To market yourself it’s sad to me that the church falls for the same propaganda tactics that unbeleivers have. A pastor is only a good pastor if He has a big church or writes a book.Our music industry is based off the same principles as the secular industry..push numbers, look cool,Etc. (largely due to that fact all the major Christian companys are owned by secular companys now)
How does this all fit in to the gospel of Christ that when the 12 was arguing about who was going to be the greatest in the Kingdom of God . Jesus gets up and starts washing their feet
basicly saying if you want to be great humble yourself and selve.

Thanks for all the impute so far.