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You are right to a certain extent. I have had the opportunity to play at some pretty big concerts and music festivals and have seen first hand how some musicians/bands are not much different than secular musicians/bands in attitude. It’s kind of like when Paul wasn’t really concerned about the things other “super apostles” where trying to pull. He was just glad that the gospel was being preached.

If you are wanting to do this as a ministry you are going to have to promote though. But maybe how you need to look at it is, in your promotion, see it as “connecting” with people. Really that is the best type of promotion. You may have to go to some other youth functions/concerts. Share your heart and vision with youth pastors/promoters. Now it would be good to have a business card, social network/website, mix CD, and EPK on a thumb drive.

I don’t really play in clubs. I think that there are christians that are called to be an influence in the scene and my hat goes off to them. But that isn’t my calling. I use EDM to express a message/worship in the church and I also use that as a chance to share my testimony. It sounds like that is the direction God is leading you too. To tell you the truth there are all kinds of opportunities opening up for christian DJ’s in the Christian music scene. Make a mix and see if one of the hosts on God DJ’s radio would give you a shot at a guest spot. Or come up with an idea for a show and get a spot going on God DJ’s radio yourself. There are lots of differnent opportunities out there for you to develop the gifts and talents that God has given you to give glory to the Lord.

Hope some of this helps man!