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It is already given wise answers in this thread. But let me add some thoughts from my point of view when I ask myself the same question time after time:

If one, as a musician, want to be like Jesus – be like Him. Let you be filled of:

1. Passion – for God. Have fellowship with Him, by the word, by prayer, by worship and just spend time in His presence. I’m sure you already does that, so just continue. In these moments, se yourself act in the spirit – to be a musician is a spiritual thing using natural gadgets.

2. Compassion – for people. We can not say that we follow Jesus if we don’t want to share His heart for people that he was crying for, that occupied so much of His time, energy and resources. But one will be filled with such joy when serving God by music – when one have His heart for the people.

Don’t worry, from that everything else will take it’s place in God’s perfect way. Just by asking this question I’m sure God will use you for His glory, touching peoples heart when playing the the best electronic music you can imagine. When you, from a pure heart, have fun God have fun! Be blessed brother!